• Aerospace & Defence, Automotive and Transport
  • Civil and Oil & Gas
  • Sports Equipment
  • Gradual failure
  • Damage tolerance
  • Energy absorption and
  • Energy absorption (inc. at high strain rates)
  • Notch insensitivity
  • HiPerDiF – recycling

The HiPerDiF multi-unit head in the video above is capable of aligning discontinuous fibres (1-12 mm length) and manufacturing preforms up to 5 mm wide. The main alignment mechanism is a sudden momentum change of fibre-water suspension. A high fibre alignment level is the key factor to increase the fibre volume fraction and consequently achieve high mechanical performance of discontinuous fibre composites [1]. In the field of composite recycling, the HiPerDiF technology showed great potential in the remanufacturing of reclaimed carbon fibres [2,3].

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  • Strain Sensing