High Performance Ductile Composite Technology

Composite materials like carbon fibre are often seen as materials of the future, but the truth is that lots of different types of composite materials are already used to make things you probably use every day: from bikes, golf clubs, tennis racquets and medical products, to aircraft, cars, and even bridges.

Meet the team

HiPerDuCT stands for High Performance Ductile Composite Technology.

Based at the University of Bristol in Bristol Composites Institute and the Composites Centre at Imperial College London, we are exploring various strategies for making composite materials like carbon fibre more ductile.

Introduction to composites
Man sitting on grass verge next to bike overlooking lake and mountains

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Information for specialists

If you are a researcher, academic or composites engineer,  we  have specialist content and resources, including our publications and information about industrial applications of some of our research.